Friday, September 15, 2006

A modest proposal

Being of an orderly nature, I think we should get the whole "muslims enraged, insulted and riotous" thing organised. I suggest one month a year set aside for muslims to rant, scream abuse, burn things down and file lawsuits, during which time the rest of us could all mock mohammed, call muslims pigs and apes (whats good for the goose...), point out obvious truths about the so-called religion of peace and generally get things off our chests. That way we wouldn't have to have these episodes of faux-outrage and staged flag-burnings by men in white sheets and little beady caps every couple of weeks; just during the seasonal outrage-fest.

Either that, or muslims could grow up and get used to being mocked and derided. Like the rest of us have.

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