Thursday, June 29, 2006

Scotlands finest hour

'There has been a series of anti-English incidents in Scotland during the tournament in Germany, including attacks on a disabled man in Aberdeen and a seven-year-old boy in Edinburgh'.

I have only watched 'Braveheart' once. I did find it very humorous as a work of spiteful fiction, but it has at its core at least one truth. And that is the bitter bile at the heart of both Scottish and Welsh nationalism. Rather than being positive movements centred on pride-of-place and genuine traditions, both are essentially aimed at the English. Both define Scottishness and Welshness as romantic opposition to an oppressive England, whether real or mythical. They promote a victim mentality, and an air of grievance about centuries of percieved wrongs.

What is most interesting is that they come to the fore at a time when England and Englishness are at possibly their lowest ebb in many centuries. Weakness and lack of unity draw the vultures in. What needs to happen is the resurrection of a muscular Englishness, one that is not constantly hobbled by political correctness and rules that were made when England had a worldwide empire. If English men and women are not to become easy prey for bullies and patriots the world over, there must be real penalties for targetting our people wherever they are. If Scots target English people, they must be punished in a way that conveys that it is England that is punishing them. It needs to be explicit and beyond contest.

When Britains interests were threatened in the past, a warship was sent into the nearest harbour to ensure that the threats were rescinded. Something along the same lines needs to be recreated. Weakness encourages attacks. Power prevents them. Thus it has ever been.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sighs of relief heard round the world

The mainstream media all round the world can now trumpet that Hamas are no longer a terrorist organisation, are no longer a threat to Israel, and are no longer international pariahs. This is crucial of course, so that the cash taps full of US and European money can be turned back on, and deluge the Palestinian people in their customary ocean of other peoples hard-earned cash. It sure as hell does not matter to the mainstream media if Hamas actually is still a threat to Israel- what matters is all that lovely cash.

Funny how differently pieces of paper are treated by the mainstream media- the 'Prisoners Initiative' is being talked about like it single-handedly wipes racist, islamist Hamas' bloodsoaked slate clean; whereas the documents found in Iraq which can reliably be verified to have come from Saddams secret service files which show links between Al Qaeda and other islamofascist terrorist groups pre-9/11 don't even seem to merit a quick glance from the news wire services and the usual MSM suspects.

What can now be guarunteed is a concerted attempt all across the globe to 'mainstream' Hamas and give it both money and diplomatic credibility. If the western democracies don't wake up, and concentrate, we will soon ensure that islamofascists win by a thousand almost imperceptible victories.

Monday, June 26, 2006

But we're losing right?

How do people work out what is going on in Iraq? I mean, people who don't read Iraqi blogs, military blogs, counter-insurgency blogs or embedded journalist blogs. If you just read the BBC website, listen to the BBC news or the witless ramblings of BBC correspondents, this story will come as a shock.

Iraqi oil is pouring from the ground and into the worlds economies with record-breaking speed and quantity. But the coalition is losing right? The insurgency is winning and making HalliburtonBushitler eat Iraqi dirt? Right? Its all very mystifying.

How is one to match up all this contradictory information? How is it possible that according to the BBC insurgents control many cities, are seemingly never killed (I can't remember a BBC story recording the dizzyingly high death statistics for insurgents in Iraq) and are capable of launching large, effective attacks on coalition troops (if the video camera is rolling and there aren't too many actual coalition troops there to participate), and yet the oil keeps on coming? All those masses of fact-starved people must be highly confused.

The fact is, the BBC can't report this war because it hates what is happening. The US and Britain are fighting a successful war against a muslim enemy in the heart of the middle east, blithely ignoring the stern warnings of a new Vietnam and many other horrors intoned by the august BBC and NBC and Reuters and Agence France Press and the New York Times. Now matter how much all the combined aging hippies of the world wish it was not so, the US and Britain (with teeny tiny bits of help from some other nations) are kicking seven shades of poop out of the insurgency and we will win. Its very close now.

Thank God that the hippy generation only have at most ten more years before they subside into disgruntled and unloved retirement. They will not be missed. Virtually everything they stand for is discredited, virtually every claim they've ever made was a lie, and virtually every prediction they've ever made failed to materialise. With a record like that, they merit no more attention from the rest of the world.

I just love this

The massed hordes of America-haters and human rights fanatics forgot to show up for this protest. Fantastic!

Perhaps they started to believe the US Governments statements about Gitmo, and not America's enemies lies. No really, it could happen.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A BBC Foreign Office statement said...

You have to laugh- in this story

the following appears:

'The BBC's Jim Muir in Baghdad says there are concerns that Mr Maliki's plan will not work as it does not seek reconciliation with those at the heart of the insurgency - the radical Islamists, many of them foreigners, who want Iraq to be the centre of a new Islamic empire.'

And you thought the BBC was a news organisation, employing Journo's to report facts from various locations around the world! Its more like a world government writ small. Turns out, the BBC's Foreign Minister is happy to hand out advice to various countries from his Baghdad Hotel/Fortress, if he thinks their policies are naive or just plain stupid. Jim Muir has decided that its the Islamists who are at the heart of the Iraqi insurgency (which will come as a shock to the 130,000 US soldiers who daily fight the Ex-Baathists and Sunni nationalists) and it is they that the Iraqi govmnt should parlay with. And he's not afraid to tell them! I do hope they're grateful.

Of course, there could be blowback. What if it turns out that actually Al Qaeda in Iraq and the other islamist groups are just a few hundred losers, and actually the insurgency is mostly Sunni ex-Baathist soldiers and special forces? And what if Mr Maliki makes an accomodation with those ex-Baathists and the insurgency dries up and blows away? It will leave a rather bad taste in the mouths of those hectored by the BBC's foreign office... They would be forgiven for thinking that it would be unwise for ANYBODY to listen to advice from people cut off from real information whose every utterance betrays an ideological bias which blinds them to salient facts.

Trouble is, reading the blogs of soldiers and embeds in Iraq gives so much real information that being confronted by the peurile, sterile, fact-free BBC drivel makes you crave the red meat of FACTS. The whole narrative of this conflict has been missed by that useless bunch of aging hippies. For those of us who've been tracking this war from many sources, there WAS a time when a lot of foreign jihadis were making their way to Fallujah and then Ramadi. But the foreigners have alienated the Sunni's they were meant to be fighting with, and the routes into Iraq from the west have been mainly throttled. The 'big war' going on in Iraq has for many months now not been between the Coalition forces and a combined jihadi/baathist insurgency, but between the baathist rump/sunni nationalists and their opposite numbers in the Shia militias. Virtually everybody in Iraq knows that, its only the numbnut BBC journo's who haven't caught up. Maliki knows it- he needs to disarm both the Baathists and the Shia militias to have any hope of running an Iraq worth living in.

The jihadi's know (read Zarqawis own words about it) that they are very much a declining force and that their days are numbered. Most Iraqis see them as very much a problem, rather than part of the solution. Also, because they are Sunni, Al Qaeda in Iraq are detested by the Shia both in Iraq and Iran. The number of new jihadi recruits is declining as the kill ratio's for them and the Coalition forces diverge. For every US soldier killed or injured, 25-30 insurgents die or are captured. Not even the slum-dwellers of Riyadh and Amman are going to head into that without some trepidation.

The whole way down the line, the BBC as an organisation has not been able to get its head round this war. Its reporting has been shockingly bad, and virtually all its many predictions about future developments have been wrong. But then thats because they are based on WISHES rather than FACTS. When you can't stand the facts, its time to retire and write wish-fulfillment fiction. But please, do it on your own time, not with tax-payers money.

What a luxurious life,1,7803731.story?coll=la-news-comment

A luxurious lifestyle is one where you can do anything you like, say anything you like, believe anything you like, but nothing in your benign little world changes or becomes more threatening. For this Rabbi, we're pretty much all the same- Christians, Jews and Muslims are equally barbaric, malevolent, aggressive and depraved.

In a world far too often dominated by politicians imbued with religious fundamentalism of all flavors — Jewish, Christian, Muslim — we need the thoughtfulness, self-awareness and subtlety that comes from progressive religious expression.

Which parts of the world are dominated by Jewish and Christian fundamentalist politicians again? Where on this planet are Jews and Christians engaged in full frontal warfare against their religious opponents out of religious fervour? Virtually every peice of real estate on the planet which muslims share with non-muslims hosts warfare conducted by the followers of Muhammed (SBUH) against the unbelievers. There are no parallels with this in any other religious community. How Rabbi Stein can morph that vast mountain of evidence into 'we're all guilty' mush is bizarre verging on deranged.

I mean really- 'Thoughtfulness, self-awareness and sublety'? I just don't see those as values promoted in islam. Try 'No thought, self-blindness and brutality'. There is actually evidence for my version.

Thing is, unlike in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq or Egypt, Rabbi Stein's world is soft and luxurious and easy. You can say just about anything without fear. Nobody will hack his head off with a butchers knife if he blasphemes or makes a joke about big Mo. How lucky he is- and how careless with the freedom he has.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Independance from What?

Over at, I searched in vain for a story not from the left-wing environmental perspective. After all, the commonly understood meaning of the word independance is 'not committed to any particular orthodoxy or dogma'. Sadly, orthodoxy and dogma are all that is available.

The Gaza Sea Weeps Blood
11-06-2006 16:12

On Friday, 9th of June, the Isreali Navy shelled families holidaying on Gaza beach. Ten people were obliterated in the bombing and children were left screaming over the mutilated bodies of their loved ones. Please follow the Full Article link for more details.

The situation in Palestine is becoming more desperate in every area of life, from the continual land theft and increase in illegal settlements across the West Bank to the daily incursions, assassinations and arrests.

As those who care to find out can attest, Human Rights Watch (one of the most anti-Israel pro-Palestinian human rights organisations) has declared itself satisfied that an Israeli Defense Force investigation of this tragedy fair and honest. IDF artillery was not responsible for the blast. It is probable that it was either unexploded ordnance (origin unknown) or a homemade Palestinian rocket which went badly off course.

But facts have no truck with dogma and orthodoxy. And left-wing dogma and orthodoxy decree that when poor ickle Palestinians die, Israelis are to blame. There is no attempt in this peice to ascertain facts, to assess responsibility or to make a reasoned judgement about what occured. But then researching, assessing and reasoning take time, effort and emotional balance. Despite IndyMedia's name, independance is not its game.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Our Jack Bauer is called Mohammed something

When MI5 first went public with their website, I visited it out of curiousity. Very prominent on the Careers page (sadly its been changed now) was a picture of an asian girl. Obviously the security services were quite sure who they needed to recruit. I immediately thought 'They would never be so stupid as to recruit British muslims to work for the secret service!'. Sadly, I was wrong. But then the geniuses in MI5 also recruited lots of lefties at the height of the cold war who turned out to be soviet spies too... leaving Britains secret service the laughing stock of the international intel community. So really, I should have guessed what they'd do. So instead of being cold-hearted realists and forgetting for a moment the PC bullshit mantra that says you have to have a 'diverse' security service, our security has been compromised from the very outset.

It makes me want to pull my hair out. There are primary school children out there who know that a muslim is virtually by definition a traitor. Most of them will tell you matter-of-factly to your face that they don't feel allegiance to Britain, and that their first allegiance is to islam. Fine. Just DON'T GIVE THEM A JOB IN THE AGENCY WHICH IS OUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST THEM IN THEIR PLOTS TO DESTROY OUR SOCIETY FROM WITHIN.

I have a gut feeling that Tony Blair understands all this perfectly well, but that MI5 are pretty much outside of Westminster and Downing street control. Under Elisabeth I, the English spy network was the best on the planet. Under her 21st century namesake, I suspect its getting on for the worst. I pray and hope that I'm wrong.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Please try to follow the arguments...,,1794445,00.html

Here we go. This is how lefty idiot arguments go-

1. 'Fury over internal Met study which says Asians need special training'. This is our starting point. We, the oppressive majority, have made the poor ickle Pakistanis furious. Thats BAD.

2. There may well be huge swathes of incriminating evidence against Pakistani policemen, 'complaints of misconduct and corruption against Asian officers are 10 times higher than against their white colleagues', but that JUST DOESN'T MATTER

3. There is a principle much higher than the rule of law:
"Asian officers and in particular Pakistani Muslim officers are under greater pressure from the family, the extended family ... and their community against that of their white colleagues to engage in activity that might lead to misconduct or criminality." You see, they can't HELP it because its their culture, innit? And if it comes down to their culture vs ours, theres just no contest.

4. 'The leaking of the report comes at a time when the Met needs the cooperation and trust of the Muslim community more than ever and as the force tries to contain the fallout from last week's anti-terrorist raid in Forest Gate in which a man was shot.' Here it gets interesting- the argument is, forget about corrupt Pakistani policemen! Can't you see we're in the middle of trying to butter these people up? Sheesh! What does it matter if the upholders of the law are corrupt? Get some perspective!!!! We're in full love-in mode here.

5. And now the grand finale 'Superintendent Dal Babu, chairman of the Association of Muslim Officers, said the report had racist undertones. "We are gravely concerned about its contents and the message it sends to recruits and potential recruits," he said. Forget about the facts, forget about the implications for the rule of law, forget about the fact that muslim Pakistani policemen may well cooperate with muslim pakistani terrorists out of loyalty to islam, what is important is that THE ENGLISH ARE A BUNCH OF RACISTS

I hope you've followed those arguments to their only possible logical conclusion.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

BBC bias against Israel

From the beginning, the Israelis said that this definitely was not their artillery. But the BBC headlines were not "Deaths on the beach 'may have been caused by Israeli artillery fire'", there was no doubt in their minds. Now that highly credible evidence is to hand that actually it was one of the Palestinians own crappy rockets that killed their own people, look at the headline... "Beach deaths 'not Israel's fault'". The implication is obvious: if the Israelis report it, it must be lies. Truth was long ago a victim in this conflict, and the BBC are working hard to make sure it stays dead.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Statism rules update

The Lib Dems 'tax cuts' are not tax cuts. They are the normal lefty tree-hugging nonsense.

'The £20bn cost of the cut would be partially met by a £7bn increase in "green" taxes on cars and flights.

The other £13bn would come from the "very wealthy" via capital gains tax changes on second homes and shares.'

Good move. Bashing the rich is always a good populist ploy. The Lib Dems would take us back to the 1970's, when the Labour government managed to propel tens of thousands of highly paid people to other countries so we got NO tax from them at all. All so they can have yet more money to spend on yet more social programs that don't fulfill their function.

'Green' taxes on cars and flights? Why is it that every suggestion from political parties these days carries a further burden for business and wealth-creation? And punishment for those who are successful at it? The Soviet Union tried taking away every individuals incentive to be creative and successful in their working life, and look where it got them. Lets face it, communism failed everywhere it was tried, but instead of learning from that, virtually every European country is moving towards it. Talk about flying in the face of 'best practise'! Hey yeah, lets not copy the US, the single most successful economy in the world ever... lets copy the Soviet Union, with its rigidity and massive waste. Good plan.

I would not put Minge Cambell and his bunch of losers in charge of a lemonade stand, much less the British economy.

Statism rules

Oh My God! Can it be true? The Liberal Democrats are now pledging to CUT income tax (sort of). Despite the fact that almost all of their policies commit public money to some liberal cause or other, they are somehow going to cut taxes... yeah right. Having spotted that the Conservatives are moving into the centre ground (which means an acceptance of the humongous welfare state and bloated government payroll), the Lib Dems have seen an opportunity to outflank them on the right by pledging to cut tax. But most voters, I suspect, will be utterly unconvinced that they understand the fundamental theory underlying lower taxes. The theory is this:

Small government concentrating its resources on the core tasks of the state, leaving most resources in the hands of the subject, where they can do the most good.

The Lib Dems have demonstrated over many years that they believe in the opposite:

Massive government doing absolutely everything you can think of, taking ever more massive quantities of resources, preventing wealth creation.

The Lib Dems are for that portion of the electorate who believe that their fellow citizens need to be nannied in every respect throughout their lives by a huge, hectoring, know-it-all state. This statism is much more prevalent an ideology than any other in todays Britain. All the major parties now subscribe to it. Their only remaining point of contention is which non-core functions government should currently be investing massive amounts of public money into.

Britain needs an alternative political home, where statism is seen for what it is- the main impediment to a prosperous, healthy, interesting polity. Who will do this?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lets get a divorce from the media

While watching BBC News 24 today, I realized that we are going to have divorce ourselves from the mindless idiots in the media. Last Friday, the anti-terror police raided a house in Forest Gate, East London, a neighborhood I used to live in. Almost immediately it happened, the story changed from 'Terror police raid house, arrest two brothers on suspicion of terrorist-related activities' to 'Neighborhood in uproar as death squads terrorise poor ickle muslim community for kicks (ok, not uproar exactly, because we can't seem to find anybody who is THAT angry, but give us time)'.

What a bunch of moronic panty-waists! They have rushed off from the main point: Dedicated professional Police force hunt for terrorists in suburban Britain, saving YOU and ME from potential bloody, excruciating deaths. And onto their agenda: lazy, stupid racist police interfering with the poor, honest muslims yet again for no good purpose than because they hate the poor, honest muslims.

When the idiots in the media can't focus their tiny brains for five minutes on the fact that dedicated fanatics are plotting daily to poison, blast, shoot, pulp, mince and smash us into submission to their allah, we should consider making them collectively redundant. Don't watch their news programs, don't buy their newspaper, don't listen to their radio programs. And make your own! We can do it if we really really want to.

I'm not going to sit around while somebody takes my England and turns it into little Pakistan. Forget about it. We need an English media for English people. Soon.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Yesterday we were told by a number of commentators that problems with violent young muslims are our fault because we don't give them nice enough houses, jobs, lifestyles etc.

This communique from the Canadian branch of the Religion of Peace (ironic) repeats the same message: give us money or we will get more violent. If memory serves (from those old Hollywood movies about gangland Chicago) thats called extortion. How long is the West going to tolerate this protection racket?

I like a more straightforward proposition: No more violence or no more islam in the West.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

China: the worlds least moral power

Who are the least moral capitalist imperialists? China.

This BBC story says 'China's quiet pursuit of raw materials in Africa in return for cheap Chinese goods has caused considerable concern.' Hmmm. Lets see, which countries have been lambasted by every crappy polytechnic sociology lecturer in Britain for 'pursuing raw materials and dumping cheap goods' in Africa, indeed the world? Not China, thats for sure. The Chinese are the good guys, according to the lefty morons. Why? Because... they're not the Americans, I think.

Mr Mugabe thinks the Chinese are just fab- but then it must be obvious to even the most casual observer by now that the best way to the determine the truth of a proposition is to find out what Mr Mugabe thinks; the exact opposite will be the truth.

Its time for Britain and America to work out a better strategy for dealing with an aggressive, militant China. Sending them all our money, and letting them hoover up all the oil supplies seems... inadequate. And waiting for what seems to be an inevitable ecological disaster could be too long in the gestation.

Not bored enough? Lets make things much more boring!

Was alerted to this by Little Green Footballs. Viz my previous post about how difficult it is these days to persuade people that what they really want is a boring life, obeying stultifying islamic dictates: the Pakistanis, who already have one of the worlds dullest societies want to keep it that way! I guess the almost endless stream of people leaving Pakistan to go ANYWHERE else should give us a clue about how much people appreciate that!

I have a colleague who has relatives in Pakistan. A few years back she went to visit them. She was meant to be there for 10 days. After 4 or 5 days of sitting around the house completely bored (couldn't go out by herself, nothing to watch on TV, nothing to listen to on the radio, not much electricity, men quite aggressive with her because she was WAY too westernised) she came back to England. Can you blame her?

And we are supposed to WANT this regime of boredom and poverty?