Thursday, June 08, 2006

Statism rules update

The Lib Dems 'tax cuts' are not tax cuts. They are the normal lefty tree-hugging nonsense.

'The £20bn cost of the cut would be partially met by a £7bn increase in "green" taxes on cars and flights.

The other £13bn would come from the "very wealthy" via capital gains tax changes on second homes and shares.'

Good move. Bashing the rich is always a good populist ploy. The Lib Dems would take us back to the 1970's, when the Labour government managed to propel tens of thousands of highly paid people to other countries so we got NO tax from them at all. All so they can have yet more money to spend on yet more social programs that don't fulfill their function.

'Green' taxes on cars and flights? Why is it that every suggestion from political parties these days carries a further burden for business and wealth-creation? And punishment for those who are successful at it? The Soviet Union tried taking away every individuals incentive to be creative and successful in their working life, and look where it got them. Lets face it, communism failed everywhere it was tried, but instead of learning from that, virtually every European country is moving towards it. Talk about flying in the face of 'best practise'! Hey yeah, lets not copy the US, the single most successful economy in the world ever... lets copy the Soviet Union, with its rigidity and massive waste. Good plan.

I would not put Minge Cambell and his bunch of losers in charge of a lemonade stand, much less the British economy.

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