Sunday, June 04, 2006

China: the worlds least moral power

Who are the least moral capitalist imperialists? China.

This BBC story says 'China's quiet pursuit of raw materials in Africa in return for cheap Chinese goods has caused considerable concern.' Hmmm. Lets see, which countries have been lambasted by every crappy polytechnic sociology lecturer in Britain for 'pursuing raw materials and dumping cheap goods' in Africa, indeed the world? Not China, thats for sure. The Chinese are the good guys, according to the lefty morons. Why? Because... they're not the Americans, I think.

Mr Mugabe thinks the Chinese are just fab- but then it must be obvious to even the most casual observer by now that the best way to the determine the truth of a proposition is to find out what Mr Mugabe thinks; the exact opposite will be the truth.

Its time for Britain and America to work out a better strategy for dealing with an aggressive, militant China. Sending them all our money, and letting them hoover up all the oil supplies seems... inadequate. And waiting for what seems to be an inevitable ecological disaster could be too long in the gestation.

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