Sunday, June 25, 2006

What a luxurious life,1,7803731.story?coll=la-news-comment

A luxurious lifestyle is one where you can do anything you like, say anything you like, believe anything you like, but nothing in your benign little world changes or becomes more threatening. For this Rabbi, we're pretty much all the same- Christians, Jews and Muslims are equally barbaric, malevolent, aggressive and depraved.

In a world far too often dominated by politicians imbued with religious fundamentalism of all flavors — Jewish, Christian, Muslim — we need the thoughtfulness, self-awareness and subtlety that comes from progressive religious expression.

Which parts of the world are dominated by Jewish and Christian fundamentalist politicians again? Where on this planet are Jews and Christians engaged in full frontal warfare against their religious opponents out of religious fervour? Virtually every peice of real estate on the planet which muslims share with non-muslims hosts warfare conducted by the followers of Muhammed (SBUH) against the unbelievers. There are no parallels with this in any other religious community. How Rabbi Stein can morph that vast mountain of evidence into 'we're all guilty' mush is bizarre verging on deranged.

I mean really- 'Thoughtfulness, self-awareness and sublety'? I just don't see those as values promoted in islam. Try 'No thought, self-blindness and brutality'. There is actually evidence for my version.

Thing is, unlike in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq or Egypt, Rabbi Stein's world is soft and luxurious and easy. You can say just about anything without fear. Nobody will hack his head off with a butchers knife if he blasphemes or makes a joke about big Mo. How lucky he is- and how careless with the freedom he has.

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