Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lets get a divorce from the media

While watching BBC News 24 today, I realized that we are going to have divorce ourselves from the mindless idiots in the media. Last Friday, the anti-terror police raided a house in Forest Gate, East London, a neighborhood I used to live in. Almost immediately it happened, the story changed from 'Terror police raid house, arrest two brothers on suspicion of terrorist-related activities' to 'Neighborhood in uproar as death squads terrorise poor ickle muslim community for kicks (ok, not uproar exactly, because we can't seem to find anybody who is THAT angry, but give us time)'.

What a bunch of moronic panty-waists! They have rushed off from the main point: Dedicated professional Police force hunt for terrorists in suburban Britain, saving YOU and ME from potential bloody, excruciating deaths. And onto their agenda: lazy, stupid racist police interfering with the poor, honest muslims yet again for no good purpose than because they hate the poor, honest muslims.

When the idiots in the media can't focus their tiny brains for five minutes on the fact that dedicated fanatics are plotting daily to poison, blast, shoot, pulp, mince and smash us into submission to their allah, we should consider making them collectively redundant. Don't watch their news programs, don't buy their newspaper, don't listen to their radio programs. And make your own! We can do it if we really really want to.

I'm not going to sit around while somebody takes my England and turns it into little Pakistan. Forget about it. We need an English media for English people. Soon.

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