Monday, June 26, 2006

But we're losing right?

How do people work out what is going on in Iraq? I mean, people who don't read Iraqi blogs, military blogs, counter-insurgency blogs or embedded journalist blogs. If you just read the BBC website, listen to the BBC news or the witless ramblings of BBC correspondents, this story will come as a shock.

Iraqi oil is pouring from the ground and into the worlds economies with record-breaking speed and quantity. But the coalition is losing right? The insurgency is winning and making HalliburtonBushitler eat Iraqi dirt? Right? Its all very mystifying.

How is one to match up all this contradictory information? How is it possible that according to the BBC insurgents control many cities, are seemingly never killed (I can't remember a BBC story recording the dizzyingly high death statistics for insurgents in Iraq) and are capable of launching large, effective attacks on coalition troops (if the video camera is rolling and there aren't too many actual coalition troops there to participate), and yet the oil keeps on coming? All those masses of fact-starved people must be highly confused.

The fact is, the BBC can't report this war because it hates what is happening. The US and Britain are fighting a successful war against a muslim enemy in the heart of the middle east, blithely ignoring the stern warnings of a new Vietnam and many other horrors intoned by the august BBC and NBC and Reuters and Agence France Press and the New York Times. Now matter how much all the combined aging hippies of the world wish it was not so, the US and Britain (with teeny tiny bits of help from some other nations) are kicking seven shades of poop out of the insurgency and we will win. Its very close now.

Thank God that the hippy generation only have at most ten more years before they subside into disgruntled and unloved retirement. They will not be missed. Virtually everything they stand for is discredited, virtually every claim they've ever made was a lie, and virtually every prediction they've ever made failed to materialise. With a record like that, they merit no more attention from the rest of the world.

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