Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sighs of relief heard round the world


The mainstream media all round the world can now trumpet that Hamas are no longer a terrorist organisation, are no longer a threat to Israel, and are no longer international pariahs. This is crucial of course, so that the cash taps full of US and European money can be turned back on, and deluge the Palestinian people in their customary ocean of other peoples hard-earned cash. It sure as hell does not matter to the mainstream media if Hamas actually is still a threat to Israel- what matters is all that lovely cash.

Funny how differently pieces of paper are treated by the mainstream media- the 'Prisoners Initiative' is being talked about like it single-handedly wipes racist, islamist Hamas' bloodsoaked slate clean; whereas the documents found in Iraq which can reliably be verified to have come from Saddams secret service files which show links between Al Qaeda and other islamofascist terrorist groups pre-9/11 don't even seem to merit a quick glance from the news wire services and the usual MSM suspects.

What can now be guarunteed is a concerted attempt all across the globe to 'mainstream' Hamas and give it both money and diplomatic credibility. If the western democracies don't wake up, and concentrate, we will soon ensure that islamofascists win by a thousand almost imperceptible victories.

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