Thursday, June 29, 2006

Scotlands finest hour

'There has been a series of anti-English incidents in Scotland during the tournament in Germany, including attacks on a disabled man in Aberdeen and a seven-year-old boy in Edinburgh'.

I have only watched 'Braveheart' once. I did find it very humorous as a work of spiteful fiction, but it has at its core at least one truth. And that is the bitter bile at the heart of both Scottish and Welsh nationalism. Rather than being positive movements centred on pride-of-place and genuine traditions, both are essentially aimed at the English. Both define Scottishness and Welshness as romantic opposition to an oppressive England, whether real or mythical. They promote a victim mentality, and an air of grievance about centuries of percieved wrongs.

What is most interesting is that they come to the fore at a time when England and Englishness are at possibly their lowest ebb in many centuries. Weakness and lack of unity draw the vultures in. What needs to happen is the resurrection of a muscular Englishness, one that is not constantly hobbled by political correctness and rules that were made when England had a worldwide empire. If English men and women are not to become easy prey for bullies and patriots the world over, there must be real penalties for targetting our people wherever they are. If Scots target English people, they must be punished in a way that conveys that it is England that is punishing them. It needs to be explicit and beyond contest.

When Britains interests were threatened in the past, a warship was sent into the nearest harbour to ensure that the threats were rescinded. Something along the same lines needs to be recreated. Weakness encourages attacks. Power prevents them. Thus it has ever been.

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