Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Our Jack Bauer is called Mohammed something


When MI5 first went public with their website, I visited it out of curiousity. Very prominent on the Careers page (sadly its been changed now) was a picture of an asian girl. Obviously the security services were quite sure who they needed to recruit. I immediately thought 'They would never be so stupid as to recruit British muslims to work for the secret service!'. Sadly, I was wrong. But then the geniuses in MI5 also recruited lots of lefties at the height of the cold war who turned out to be soviet spies too... leaving Britains secret service the laughing stock of the international intel community. So really, I should have guessed what they'd do. So instead of being cold-hearted realists and forgetting for a moment the PC bullshit mantra that says you have to have a 'diverse' security service, our security has been compromised from the very outset.

It makes me want to pull my hair out. There are primary school children out there who know that a muslim is virtually by definition a traitor. Most of them will tell you matter-of-factly to your face that they don't feel allegiance to Britain, and that their first allegiance is to islam. Fine. Just DON'T GIVE THEM A JOB IN THE AGENCY WHICH IS OUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST THEM IN THEIR PLOTS TO DESTROY OUR SOCIETY FROM WITHIN.

I have a gut feeling that Tony Blair understands all this perfectly well, but that MI5 are pretty much outside of Westminster and Downing street control. Under Elisabeth I, the English spy network was the best on the planet. Under her 21st century namesake, I suspect its getting on for the worst. I pray and hope that I'm wrong.

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