Monday, June 19, 2006

Please try to follow the arguments...,,1794445,00.html

Here we go. This is how lefty idiot arguments go-

1. 'Fury over internal Met study which says Asians need special training'. This is our starting point. We, the oppressive majority, have made the poor ickle Pakistanis furious. Thats BAD.

2. There may well be huge swathes of incriminating evidence against Pakistani policemen, 'complaints of misconduct and corruption against Asian officers are 10 times higher than against their white colleagues', but that JUST DOESN'T MATTER

3. There is a principle much higher than the rule of law:
"Asian officers and in particular Pakistani Muslim officers are under greater pressure from the family, the extended family ... and their community against that of their white colleagues to engage in activity that might lead to misconduct or criminality." You see, they can't HELP it because its their culture, innit? And if it comes down to their culture vs ours, theres just no contest.

4. 'The leaking of the report comes at a time when the Met needs the cooperation and trust of the Muslim community more than ever and as the force tries to contain the fallout from last week's anti-terrorist raid in Forest Gate in which a man was shot.' Here it gets interesting- the argument is, forget about corrupt Pakistani policemen! Can't you see we're in the middle of trying to butter these people up? Sheesh! What does it matter if the upholders of the law are corrupt? Get some perspective!!!! We're in full love-in mode here.

5. And now the grand finale 'Superintendent Dal Babu, chairman of the Association of Muslim Officers, said the report had racist undertones. "We are gravely concerned about its contents and the message it sends to recruits and potential recruits," he said. Forget about the facts, forget about the implications for the rule of law, forget about the fact that muslim Pakistani policemen may well cooperate with muslim pakistani terrorists out of loyalty to islam, what is important is that THE ENGLISH ARE A BUNCH OF RACISTS

I hope you've followed those arguments to their only possible logical conclusion.

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