Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Share traders discovered trading shares shock

'The Archbishop of York has called share traders who cashed in on falling prices "bank robbers and asset strippers".'

You can't turn around these days without Archbishop Sentamu sounding off about something. I don't know how much he knows about money markets, but I'm guessing its less than me. Share traders cashing in on falling prices is called 'The Stock Market'. Its like accusing the guys at Smithfields of cutting up animals. You know, its what they do for a living. I really wish that the Archbishops of Britain were as active in their Christian prosyletizing as they are in patrolling the rest of this countries activities. If you are going to make stupid statements, at least let them fall in the area of your specific competence.

I realise that brings my specific competence into question- but I'm not willing to give up my soap box that easily.

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