Thursday, February 12, 2009

A plague on both their houses

Just watched the 10 O'clock news coverage of the Geert Wilders exclusion. Some bonehead gave a 'commentary' about it which essentially said that Geert Wilders and the Wahhabist preachers are essentially the same.

Yah huh. Blowing up five trains in Madrid is the same as making a film about people who blow up five trains in Madrid. Good argument.

I despair.

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LibertyMine said...

Good point.

These people point our that Geert is supposedly hypocritical because he says he is for freedom of speech yet wants to ban the koran.

I am totally behind because I too want freedom of speech, but I also recognise that Islam is a threat to liberty, freedoms, values, traditions and codes and because it is a threat to those things including freedom of speech it is a valid argument to call for something that threatens those things to be banned. Not that I would go as far as calling for the koran to be banned. I would however reclassify islam as a murderous cult rather than a religion.