Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Islams threat to the world

So this is the threat: give as much respect to our top prophet guy as we do, or the consequences will be violent and extreme. But wait, this is the religion of peace talking? Surely not!

The West has created a huge rod for its own back. Over and over and over again, we are instructed by the great Nanny state and its media lackeys to 'understand Islam', to 'learn about other cultures', to 'accept other peoples ways of life'. They have no reverse obligation to learn about ours and respect and accept it. NOooooooooooooooo! That would be silly! That would imply that our culture and values were legitimate and worth fighting for. What exactly do they want us to learn about Islam? They want us to read the Koran?

I want to know where in the Koran its says its ok to:

1. Demonise Jews to the worst extremes of racism and xenophobia? (and if it does, why people in the west might think Islam was a 'good thing'?
2. Behead schoolgirls for being Christian?
3. Murder people in the most public and disgusting ways, as a subtle 'warning' to the rest of us what awaits the world if the Islamic supremacists win?
4. Move to someone elses country to make money, then as soon as you get there, insist that your host country changes all its laws and values to fit in with Islam?
5. Commit violence all over the planet while insisting over and over like a demented mantra that you are a 'religion of peace'?
6. Lie and lie and lie, to yourselves and everybody else, but insist that Mohammed really is a great prophet, and Islam really is a great religion?
7. Portray the west as Islamaphobic, when in fact the west doesn't give a flying fluck about Islam and really really really wishes it would just go away for ever.

Remember you muslims- conspiracy theories are for children and adults of very low IQ.

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