Monday, February 27, 2006

Plans and Strategies

There seems to be a strategy afoot; one that would seem to be coordinated and orchestrated. While reading this post on Daniel Pipes blogsite I realised that one of the clear tactics of Muslim populations in the west is to create a false perception round the world of an incipient 'Islamaphobia'. Whether it is trumpeting every case of assault or disrespect that does occur, or of lying to create cases from nothing, there is a highly mobilised corps of Islamists primed to transmit these proofs of the Wests implacable hatred of Islam and ordinary muslims to the ends of the earth.

These people have developed sophisticated, nuanced tactics for exploiting the MSM (mainstream media) in the West, the politically correct legions of the soft left, the infrastructure of 'human rights', the multi-culti psuedo-hippies of the west who love all native peoples except English and American ones and the big-party politicians for whom the emergence of the muslim voice in European politics is annoying but inescapable. For each of these constituencies, the Islamists have concocted a 'story' to tell which fits into their existing world view.

So the story they present to the MSM is the typical minority underdog story, down-trodden and oppressed by the sullen, truculent locals; all they really want is a break and to be allowed to carry on their traditions in peace. For the soft left, there is the whole 'all we really want is justice for the Palestinians against Israeli Zionist fascism. Once that is settled, you probably won't here another peep out of us'. For the 'human rights' industry, the story is of an embattled religeous minority, desperately and respectfully trying to maintain itself in the face of implacable neo-nazi provocation in all the sooty northern towns and post-industrial wastelands. For the multi-culti WOMAD attendees, the Islamists really have to pull out all the stops, and hide some of the biggest facts about REAL Islam. To them, they tell them over and over about what a wonderful culture is attached to Islam, the poetry, the architechture, the amazing learning (mostly stolen from the Greeks of Alexandria and Byzantium, but never mind) and the wonderful peaceful purity of their religion blah blah blah. Last but not least, our poor befuddled mainstream politicians have no choice but to deal with these people as they present themselves although to give them credit some have gone on record with their grave misgivings with some of the cultural and religious baggage of the (especially Pakistani) muslims in Britain; things like so-called honour killings by parents of their own children.

These people have got us sussed, and they are playing us like a fiddle. Thing is, the plain folk of Britain aren't that stupid, and they know that a lot of this twaddle doesn't ring true. So what will give?

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