Thursday, February 01, 2007

Good Muslim, bad Muslim

Having just read "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam", I am very much sensitised to the ignorance and dhimmification of both print and broadcast media in Britain. First and foremost among the many illusions perpetuated by the mainstream media is that Islam itself has been hijacked by misinterpreters of what is essentially a peaceful, benign, tolerant and progressive religion. The CONTENT of Islam is irreproachable, we are told. But the fanatics come along and willfully misconstrue it, to the great detriment of all, but especially 'good' Muslims.

That is bunk, as Henry Ford might have said. For Muslims, the Koran is the actual words of God, a recording of conversations between Mohammed and God. Muslims are required to do everything in the Koran exactly as it is written, or risk being in conflict with the words of God. And who, if we look around the world, are most closely modelling their lives on the plain words of the Koran? Its the Islamists. The Muslims considered 'Good' Muslims by the great Liberal establishment in Britain are actually 'Bad' Muslims- they are willing to ignore large parts of the Koran so that they can live peaceably and effectively in Britain. No scholar of Islam would consider them 'Good', however. They contradict the fundamental diktat of Islam- to follow and copy what is written in the Koran to the letter.

There is no arguing around this- browse any 'Islamist' website if you don't believe me. The problem is not Islamists- it is Islam. For as long as there are people dedicated to being good Muslims, Britain will not be at peace; and the position of 'bad' Muslims will be difficult, if not untenable. What is to be done?

First, I would call into question the labelling of Islam as a religion. It is much more a fascistic world-dominance political creed than a religion. Religeons the world over have highly similar properties- the preeminence of love, obedience to certain overarching moral principles, peaceable behaviour etc. Islam has none of these. It is about dominance and violence and power. As such, it has no real claim to be a religion. Re-labelling Islam as a fascistic political creed would go a long way to clarifying the situation we currently find ourselves in.

For as long as Islam is called a religion, the hatred, prejudice, intolerance and bigotry it promulgates will get a free pass. Religions are exempted (with some exceptions) from this kind of judgement- political creeds are not.

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