Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Steady now, here's your prozac

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Dean Esmay:
#3 is contingent upon your belief that Osama Bin Laden is right and that Islam has been at war with Christianity and "the West" for 1,400 years. Which means that you think Osama Bin Laden is somehow an "authentic voice" for Islam. Stop trying to rationalize it. #3 is as stupid and destructive as all the rest. If you don't recognize this, there's an obvious course of action for you: Look up in the upper right hand corner for the little "X" button. Click it. Then don't come back. If you want to embrace fucking nutjob conspiracy theorist murderer logic, then do it somewhere else. This isn't the place for you. This point is as non-negotiable as all the rest. There is no 1,400 year old war except in the minds of deluded psychopaths. If you think there is one, then you need to go and play with your fellow paranoid nutjob friends. "Non-negotiable" means exactly what you think it means. I don't much give a fuck whether you like it or not, either. Go find somewhere else to play if you cannot accept basic sanity as a precondition to discussions.
2.27.2007 10:20pm

Wowsa! Listen to the words of a man on the brink... I fear entering this thicket of blind rage, contradiction, dogmatic instransigence and abuse. Dean Esmay is epitomal of what people call the left side of the blogosphere. As far as I'm concerned there is no longer any viable left-wing and right-wing; the labels don't really denote anything much any more. But his is a representative voice of the new orthodoxy: the one which inhabits vast swathes of academic America, academic Britain and academic Europe. It is as screechingly intolerant and incoherent as the nuttiest Appalachian snake-handlers, and becomes ferocious when its pieties are not observed. It has very strong values: Industry=evil. Technology=evil. Hierarchy=evil. Christianity=evil. Enterprise=evil. Tradition=evil. Big business=evil. Scientific investigation=bad. White people=evil.
Basket weaving by African women=good. Donkey-cart=good. Village commune=good. Islam=good. Sitting around a squat smoking dope=good. Dissing all the white-man oppressor shit=good. Making bad pottery by hand=good. Shamanic insights=good. Not-white people=good.
Millions and millions of college students all over the 'west' are being inculcated with these values right now. Many of them suck it up and are permanent converts to this set of beliefs. Its not communism, and I don't know where it sits on any possible political spectrum, but it now has a huge constituency. In fact, it is now the dominant belief pattern for a very large minority of the population.

What will happen when this generation of young people become our politicians, policemen, judges and councillors? The semi-permanent foundation of British society will be destroyed, of that I am in no doubt: what will happen next I'm pretty sure I don't want to see.

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