Thursday, April 23, 2009

BBC abuse of language

'The initial signs are that Mr Zuma will promote a new conservatism in South Africa, digging deep into the nation's cultural and religious roots and threatening Western-styled liberal values enshrined in the constitution.'

Conservatism means evil to the squishy shits of the BBC website. Liberal means good.

So, lets see what the morons regards as conservative:

- offering prayers to ancestors
- denouncing same-sex marriage as a "disgrace to God"
- promising a referendum on the death penalty
- condemning political rivals as "witches" and "snakes"
- and defending polygamy as "African"

Uh huh. Offering prayers to ancestors? Not something the Conservatives in Purley would get on board with... Same-sex marriage- most people in the world other than tiny elites in Europe and America think same-sex marriage is a disgrace, whether they invoke God to give it emphasis is really by the by. Same goes for the death penalty- a great majority of the world believe in it. But democracy isn't democracy when the elites know better. Condemning political rivals as witches and snakes? Our politicians call each other much worse things, but they use euphemisms, and name calling is definitely not just a conservative thing. Why is polygamy conservative, whereas gay marriage isn't? If a straight man can get ten wives, why shouldn't he? If we are going to be all liberal about it, I mean? If I want to marry a goat, why would a 'liberal' protest? I mean, why stop with butt buddies?

I am so sick of the blatant and childish bias of the BBC website. They just can't help using loaded and pejorative language. I despair for a once great institution.

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Anonymous said...

It is not only meanings that have been corrupted.
The bbc radio programmes, especially 4, seem to have scoured the country to find rough dialects to assail our ears with.
They tend to conjure up cloth caps, whippets, and ferrets in undergarments.
No attempt to set a standard above their "estuary" English.