Tuesday, April 14, 2009

India- peeved by the American oaf

'All of these concessions and wasted opportunities would be brilliant maneuvers if they actually yielded anything; after all, the point of Realpolitik is to get the most from other countries while giving the least from one’s own. It’s all right to give as long as you get. Instead, the story of the early Obama Administration’s foreign policy is one of apologies and concessions for nothing in return, as others have noted. Pakistan and Afghanistan are merely pointless fronts in this aggressive policy of preemptive surrender.'

http://newledger.com/2009/04/obamas-india-pakistan-mess/ [Hat Tip: Instapundit]

Ooooooooooouch. It gets worse.

'Obama had three foreign policy goals for the region: First, win the war in Afghanistan (and Pakistan, when he focused on the topic); second, shore up the global economy there with his emphasis on government spending; and, finally, bringing China and India on board with a global carbon emissions scheme.

Today, Obama is negotiating with warlords with $25MM bounties on their heads in Afghanistan and, in an unsurprising move, disavowing “victory” there; giving up fiscal stimulus to bow to the developing world’s demands for handouts; and, oh yeah, China and India have rejected any carbon limitations scheme.'

First, having just been to India, I second all Mr Badeauxs compliments about India- it is very much a first-world democracy in the making. It is far from perfect, but it has a massive core of good intention and humanitarian values. It is exactly the kind of country the US and the EU should have as a close ally. Pakistan on the other hand is highly dysfunctional and getting more so. Pakistan is enormously devious. It has managed to play a very cunning game so far, and has yet to pay any price for it. I predict that it will, but perhaps not during Obamas brief and tedious stint in office.

Day by day, Obama is showing the veneer-thin understanding of the world which the right said would make all this stuff inevitable. Better luck next time, voters.

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