Friday, April 02, 2010

The countries in the very best of hands

'...on a visit to Ottawa to discuss Arctic policy with Canada, Russia, Denmark and Norway, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly criticized the Canadians for failing to invite all eight members of the Arctic Council to the consultation. Iceland, Finland and Sweden were miffed at being excluded. This was all very well and no doubt deserved; the next day, however, the Canadian Foreign Minister rejected Secretary Clinton’s pleas and announced that Canada will be ending its Afghan mission next year.'

Hillary Clinton- worst secretary of state ever? 'Bull in a China shop' doesn't cover it; after all, bulls are strong and dangerous. 'Drunk at a temperance meeting' doesn't either; drunks often have a superficial charm.

She is just phoning it in. In the most cack-handed way imaginable. And with bad grace. Wow.

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