Friday, June 04, 2010

Great news for Al Qaeda

We are living in a country supposedly on hair-trigger alert for terrorists and acts of terrorism.

So a man with two guns goes off on his own three and a half hour terrorism spree, and the cops do what?

'The police chief said that his force had deployed 42 trained firearms officers in the hunt for Bird — all those on duty in the county that day — as well as additional armed officers from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary at Sellafield, near which Bird shot several of his victims. Police and RAF helicopters were drafted in for a “massive land and air search”.'

And the upshot of all this massive activity? Nothing. No policeman challenged Birdie, as he was affectionately known. Well, as he was known before he murdered twelve people.

What a disastrously incompentent shambles. Yoo hoo, Al Qaeda! Fancy a gun-totin rampage? Britain is open, wide wide open, for whatever you have in mind. Contradict me if I'm wrong, but isn't Sellafield one of our most sensitive nuclear sites? And two of the shootings happened just outside.

I am very close to speechless. Our defences are a mirage, smoke and mirrors. Dad's Army had more organisation and effectiveness.

God protect Britain. That is our only hope.

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