Monday, June 07, 2010

Self Satirization

'In Maryland, where Mr. Kratovil endured considerable heckling last year over the health care legislation, which he ultimately opposed, he did not hold any large gatherings with voters. After returning from a visit to Afghanistan, he held two events with veterans before arriving at an evening discussion here at the credit union in Bel Air, north of Baltimore.

“It’s dramatically different this break than it was in August of last year,” Mr. Kratovil said in an interview after he finished speaking about financial regulatory legislation. “At town halls, there was a group of people who were there to disrupt, purely politically driven, not there because they wanted to get answers or discuss the issues.”' [Hat-Tip: Instapundit]

Worthy of the "We can't have fighting in here. This is the War Room" Award. Fancy turning up to a political meeting and wanting to discuss politics! The cheek!

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