Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Its time to close with the enemy

Drawing the Line?

It has been a parlor game of sorts to guess when—but even more so if—the Europeans (Britain included) will sigh, “Enough is enough,” and so get tough with both their own unassimilated angry Muslim minorities and the radical Islamic world at large. There will never be liberal values in the Middle East, no change, no future—as there would not have been in Hitler’s Germany, as there is not today in Cuba or North Korea—without the defeat of Islamic fascism, in its latest Islamic incarnation, as an ideological force.

The latter always proves more frightening than any caricature, the proverbial wild teenager who starts throwing things when told that his room is a bit messy. The riots in France, murders in Holland, cartoon fiasco in Denmark, bombings in London and Madrid, foiled plots in Germany and Spain, and now the Pope threats—will Europe insidiously bleed from a thousand nicks or take action and call fascists fascists?

And yet what would such spine-strengthening look like?

Closer, albeit still stealthy, ties with the U.S effort? More defense spending? Demands for assimilation or else? More moderate and right-center governments? An end to the EU politically-correct maternalism? An honest foreign policy with the Middle East? A new appreciation for Israel’s woes? Who knows?

But one thing is rather frightening: the political pendulum in Europe always swings much more widely and quickly than here. Unless these legitimate worries about radical Islam are addressed by EU politicians, a frustrated public—note the recent elections in Germany—will address them on their own in ways that are historically scary in their own right. When I go to Europe, I am always struck how at odds the average European’s talk is from what one reads in the newspaper or hears on the television. That degree of frustration and cynicism will only get worse unless there is some honest talk about the dangers Europe faces.

Victor Davis Hanson

I agree- but honest talk about the real dangers we face in Britain looks a distant prospect. The major political parties in this country are all bound up in a woolly Anglican-vicar rose-tinted dream where the vast majority of moderate, right-thinking muslims will at some future unspecified moment, turn on their fanatical co-religionists and scourge them from their communities on our behalf, and take their place alongside us as well-intentioned, patriotic and full-on members of British society. Highly unlikely and statistically the reverse of what is currently happening but perhaps... but since when do you make plans and run a country based on something highly improbable and statistically contradicted by each survey of the muslim population?

Before the population of Britain take matters into their own hands, in a way unlikely to meet the strictures of the Geneva convention, the British government must do something to change the dynamic of the current situation. Remove the islamists and their families from Britain, close the mosques that preach hatred and treason, execute the men caught trying to kill us, spy on as many muslims as it takes to eliminate the threat, take away the funds and facilities from any organisation (school, charity, association, campaigning body) that breeds islamists, and pursue the islamist ideology wherever it is found and destroy it.

We had to do that with Nazism and we should not shy away from doing it with islamism.

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