Saturday, March 07, 2009

Amazing powers of deduction

"I look at these young men and women, I look into their eyes and I see their badges today, and I know we did the right thing," Obama said, the recruits seated behind him on stage.

He said the police recruits had faced a future of joblessness, the same "future that millions of Americans still face right now."

"Well, that is not a future I accept for the United States of America," Obama said, explaining why he signed the stimulus bill on Feb. 17.

The recruit class was laid off in January before they could even start walking the beat. Mayor Michael Coleman, a Democrat, blamed city budget problems. [Hat Tip: Instapundit]

You know, it sounds really butch and manly- 'that is not a future I accept'. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! Up and at em', boys!

But hang on a sec; How many of the 787 billion dollars in the ludicrously named 'stimulus' bill were given their value by Barack Obama? A dollar is nothing if there is no good or service produced whose value that dollar can inherit. The 787 billion is dependent on the productive part of the economy, which in the US is under seige right now from every direction. It is being tranferred to the non-productive part of the economy- the teachers, firefighters and civil servants Obama is creaming himself over. Of course, we need teachers, firefighters etc. But no sane society prioritises them over actual productive workers- manufacturers, small businesses and those providing essential services.

"I know we did the right thing." says President Obama. Of course, he also called the price-to-earnings ratio the profit and earnings ratio. What happens when you elect a junior Senator with no experience of anything, most especially business, to the highest office in the world on a whim? We'll see.

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