Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pakistans long slow slide into anarchy

'Former England cricketer Dominic Cork - who was providing commentary for the series - said he heard loud gunfire shortly after he arrived at Gaddafi stadium and rushed into the commentary box to see what was happening...'
"This is the end of cricket for a long time in Pakistan, maybe even the rest of Asia," he said.


He may be a bit over the top, but what does it say about a country when any white person, any foreigner is a target of determined, well-armed, fanatical murderers if they set foot in the place? This certainly doesn't fit the old 'its all the fault of colonialism' line. Pakistan has been free of colonial rule exactly as long as India, and India (as I can attest personally) is a wonderful place for people from anywhere to visit.

Pakistan is a violent cesspit, and its getting worse. How low can it go?

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LibertyMine said...

Think he correct.

Pakistan's days are numbered. What will happen then? If the islamists take power?