Saturday, March 07, 2009


'...the speech to Congress was the pivot point. Before the speech, Obama was protected by a kind of political equivalent of the Star Trek Shield. His symbolizing of an historic milestone, which alone moved millions of white voters to his column, combined with his soaring rhetoric, which negated criticism from John McCain and other Republicans of the substance of Obama's proposals, to protect him through election day and into the transition.

But the magnetism of his historic moment began fading once the economic stimulus, the omnibus and the budget were on the table. As people focused more on the details and how they didn't square with what they thought he had promised during the campaign, the soaring rhetoric lost much of its power. It may even now be approaching a net negative because it throws so much more light on the inaequacies of the policies.'

At no point in the US election cycle was I actually in the United States. And yet, thanks to the wonders of the internet and the TV, I kept up with what was going on probably better than oh, 98% of Americans. How could ANYBODY who actually paid attention to the completely shameless shifts in what Obama promised from venue to venue, region to region and primary to general election think that they were voting for a straight-up guy? He lied, he was caught sneering at the poor and the rural and the God-fearing, he changed all the time. If you paid attention, you just HAD to notice that.

He never wavered from his goals though. His goals are what he is DOING now. And I can't wait to find out what the great mass of Americans are going to do and say when they find out at long long last what his goals are. Rubes!

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