Saturday, March 07, 2009

Its just custard, huh?

Pride at Mandelson custarding

Anyone like me who watched that smug shit Leila Deen launching green custard into the face of Peter Mandelson was left wondering when physical assault became part of the Democratic process in Britain?

And surely if the eco warriors can do it to whomever they please, I can play too? Given what I think of their ideas, I should really search out Leila and her lamentable friends and throw piss in their faces. According to Leila, there is a long proud history of 'direct' action in British politics. There sure is- remember when we kicked out all the Jews in the twelth century- direct action at work, people. Direct action is the resort of those who can't persuade with words, and its a very very slippery slope, which often ends in bombs underneath the drivers seat and pipe bombs up against the front door or perhaps petrol through the letter box.

Given that Leila and her peers were brought up to not respect people by default, and given their overpowering sense of rightness, and given the absence of any restraining factor in their culture like Judeo-Christian mores, how long before they decide they just HAVE to stop the evil airlines and airports by any means necessary?

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