Monday, May 11, 2009

Fight smoulder with fire

In the comments:


'This is the Jon Stewart-ization of “comedy.” The poison-tipped arrows always fly in one direction, with occassional powder-puffs tossed the other way to “prove” they “poke fun at everyone.”

Same old model. Take a non-fact and spin it into a vicious joke. Repeat ad nauseum. And it works. Stewart, Colbert, Maher etc. did as much as anybody to destroy Bush and get Obama elected.

Really, some enterprising Republican (hah!) should look into suing them under Federal election law (double-hah) for illegal campaign contributions in kind (triple hah).

Why don’t conservatives have people infiltrate the audiences of these shows in order to boo resoundingly? That’s the kind of media guerilla fighting we need.'

Somebody called Wanda Sykes did some 'jokes' at the White House Correspondents annual shindig at the Belmont club. It wasn't humor, so much as a bitter tirade against people no longer in power. Watch it if you don't believe me. I found this in the comments, and it seems to be exactly the oppposite of whats needed. People watch Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert because they are funny. They may agree with the heavy dem slant, but they watch because the jokes are actually jokes.

What the conservative/libertarians need is funny people to do the same from their perspective. Go out into the by-ways and highways and FIND PEOPLE WHO ARE FUNNY, for goodness sake. Get them on TV to take the piss out of all the Dem sacred cows. Sheesh. Have I gotta come over their and do it for you? You don't want that...

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