Thursday, May 21, 2009

Talking freely about the society we want

'Liberals can never say exactly what they want because it’s scary. That’s why they don’t work on talk radio. If they say what they’re goals are unfiltered, it even scares themselves. Look at college campuses; if liberals were unrestrained, is there any doubt their final goal would be socialism and fascism? They inch into any control they can have about our finances and behavior and clamp down on it like wolverines never letting go, but they never talk about their ultimate goals except in the vaguest terms (”Change and happiness!”) because they’re well aware of how much it would freak people out. They want socialism and government control, but they just don’t want to state it that way.'

Absolutely right. The Obama campaign in a nutshell. The mask slipped a couple of times, but nobody except conservatives was watching. Shame, because we were 100% correct.

'Conservative ideals can be stated frankly, though, and not send people running. It can be a little scary - freedom and responsibility is scary - but it’s an argument people will accept. So while liberals dance around what they want, we need to state frankly what our goals are. Lay out a real vision for the future to inspire people.'

I would call this the Mark Steyn\Rush Limbaugh\Daniel Hannan conservatism. Free from self-doubt, shame and timidity; plain spoken; un-fased by the constant lies told about them by the socialists. And most importantly, confirmed in their beliefs by the great mass of evidence around them. When you are trying to persuade people of something, it helps if your words are confirmed by the world itself. If you can point to things all around that confirm your view of the world, most reasonable people will accept what you are saying.

This is something the democrats/socialists/labour can't do. Every time they have their way, the wheels fall off in dramatic fashion. Compare 1979 Britain with 1999 Britain, if you don't believe me. 2009 Britain is returning to 1979 Britain, but then you have the same fu**ing morons in charge. When will the electorate learn? Actually, its worse than 1979. As I pointed out a few days ago, most of our soveriegnty now resides in the hands of the European Commission (unelected). We can't even sack the bastards. Just may have to be the bullet rather than the ballot . Oh well, freedom has ALWAYS been worth fighting for.

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