Monday, May 18, 2009

What is a moderate?

'Obama picks off another moderate

President Barack Obama’s decision to appoint Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman as ambassador to China doesn’t merely remove a likely challenger — it strips the Republican Party of one of its few voices urging moderation.

Obama’s pick leaves the GOP without an obvious centrist presidential candidate two years before the primary jockeying begins in full. By dispatching Huntsman to Beijing, Obama is effectively trying to determine the sort of Republican he and his top advisers would like to face in 2012.'

RINO. Statist. Big governmenter. Indistinguishable from euro-Dems. Against the use of American power to do good in the world. Unwilling to fight Islamist fascism. Thats a moderate.

Politics is very often about the use and misuse of language. As the wretched out-dated, long-debunked 20th century policies of the Democrat/Socialists/Big staters have grown ever more shop-worn and pathetic, the geniality of the debate has succumbed to desperation. Given what they are selling, the Dems have to lie A LOT. They have to use every dubious strategem of misdirection, Big Brother Newspeak, covering evidence, manufacturing evidence and the politics of personal destruction.

I'm going to make a prediction. The internal idiocy of the Dems current position, trying to sell the 20th centuries worst ideas as 21st century hip, snazzy novelties; will bring about one of the shortest periods of dominance for a major political party ever. By early 2010, the Obama white house, the Pelosi House of Representatives and the Harry Reid Senate will be busted flushes.

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