Friday, May 22, 2009

Russian Stupidity

'Russia alarmed over new EU pact: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned the European Union not to turn a proposed partnership with former Soviet countries against Moscow.

Mr Medvedev was speaking at the end of a Russia-EU summit held against a background of deep divisions over security, trade and energy supplies.'

D'oh! What did the idiots running Russia think would be the consequences of these actions:

- Cutting off the essential energy supplies of half of the EU like Mafiosi
- invading Georgia for no reason other than a kind of race memory of conquest
- as soon as Russias treasury got in the $50 grand necessary to buy the aviation fuel, re-starting the obnoxious in-your-face overflights of NATO countries, shipping etc. by aging prop-planes
- not just supplying the religio-fascist rulers of Iran with Nuclear technology and supplies, but shielding them in the UN Security Council for good measure
- lining up with every nutjob regime round the world like Venezuela, in a kind of Grand Alliance of the Criminal Regimes
- murdering the few independent-thinking people left in Russia, or indeed wherever they happened to be, including London
- using extreme nationalism and xenophobia as a means of bolstering their illigitimate rule in Russia
- strong-arming foreign companies trying to do business in Russia, until the executives of those companies flee for their lives into hiding

Just a little list off the top of my head. Putin has managed to snatch lowering hatred from the jaws of civility and amicability. The whole of the advanced world willed Russia to step away from the awful inheritance of Communism, and become a new Germany or Japan- countries which also have recent pasts which they still have much to apologise for, yet still play a positive and constructive role in the world.
But they just couldn't do it. Paranoia, corruption, thuggishness and brutality have re-asserted themselves as the driving forces of Russian politics and external relations. How sad, and how stupid.

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