Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bring back Bill!

'America is becoming a bilingual society, divided between those who think a pickup is a rugged vehicle useful for transporting heavy-duty items from A to B and those who think a pickup is coded racism.

Unfortunately, the latter group forms most of the Democrat-media one-party state currently running the country. Can you imagine Bill Clinton being so stupid as to put down pickup trucks while standing next to John Kerry? And what’s even more extraordinary is that those lines were written for Obama by paid professionals.'

I've noticed this a lot lately. Obama is so bad that Bill Clinton is increasingly used as the example of a Democrat president who wasn't actually all that bad. I personally never hated Bill Clinton. I didn't care about his trouser shenanigans- there is no public policy angle. But two things did stand out (no pun intended) about President Clinton- he was an American patriot, and he had the ability to laugh at himself. Imagine Obama making this?

Personally, no.

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