Friday, January 29, 2010

Wake me up in three years...

Just saw Obama having a 'debate' with Republican representatives on TV. I used quotes because every time something worth debating came up, Obama said 'this isn't the forum to discuss that' or 'I don't think people want us to debate that here' or 'Let's get into to that some other time'. He seemed angry, resentful and looking to take some swings. In that context, this seemed like some pretty interesting reading.

'This is about the time Barack Obama becomes bored with his job.

He's in his second year as president, and he's discovered that even with all the powers of office, he can't do everything he wants to do, like remake America. Doing stuff is hard. In the past, prosaic work has held little appeal for Obama, and it's prompted him to think about moving on.'

Obama is not a details kind of guy. He is not the kind of person to spend three years crafting a really good piece of legislation, and do all the donkey work to get it passed. He is the kind of guy who tells Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid 'knock together some health care bill, get it passed and let me know what time to go on TV and claim victory.'

I said before that I thought Obama getting elected president was about him, not America. 99.9% of the people who voted for him had no idea what he was like, what he had spent his life doing, how shallow his ideas were about the world and how deeply unrepresentative of America Obama is. They didn't know, and they couldn't be arsed to find out. They voted for his smile, his tone of voice and because he had discernable pecs. Fair enough. There is nothing in the US constitution requiring that people know anything about candidates. Or that they even should vote.

But then you end up with people like Obama in the hot seat, who is ignorant, childish, surly and apparently not genuinely interested in the real America and its real problems. His golfing skills are coming along nicely, but the number of things in American public policy blinking red and making shrill noises is increasing. Calling Barack, you are wanted at your desk. Please start returning messages, and answer a few voicemails...

'In the State of the Union address, Obama declared, "I don't quit."'

Actually, the evidence is that whenever Obama gets bored with his job, that is exactly what he does.

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