Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama clownery

'...there was the moment in the interview when Obama observed: “You know, we have a political culture that has built up over time that has gotten more and more polarized.” He said that he had hoped “that the urgency of the moment would allow us to join together and make common cause.” Then he blamed the impasse on “a strategic decision that was made on the side of the opposition.”

Obama does this a lot. He says something then a few sentances later contradicts himself. Sometimes he doesn't even wait, he does it in the SAME sentance. In academia, that goes down gangbusters. They love that schtick. You sound all nuanced and sophisticated-like. Everyone else thinks you are an idiot.

I get the feeling Obama really didn't know what the job of president of the United States was. And when they finally told him, he decided that sounded really really dull and went to play golf. I love this:

'...does the country’s chief executive really think that it’s not in his job description to “navigate” how Congress goes about tackling one public policy issue or another, when that is exactly what presidents do?'

We don't have a Lyndon Johnson people.

'...he tried to explain his first-year failures by blaming the culture in Washington, a place where “you have to repeat yourself a lot because unfortunately it doesn’t penetrate.”

Can you say 'projection', children?

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