Saturday, January 23, 2010

Populist Anger

All populist anger equals proletarians hating their class enemies, we hear from many quarters in Washington D.C. And by class enemies we don't mean Harvard law professors! We mean the jewish scum in the banks and boardrooms!

Well, OK they haven't quite come out yet with the 'jewish' bit, but I can't believe it won't happen. Ever listen to Louis Farrakhan? Obama's own Reverend Wright talks the same lingo. In the bubble that Obama has always lived in, I think he may actually believe all the shit that his Marxist professors told him about what the proletariat believe.

Not having spent much time in American bars, football games, turkey shoots, weenie roasts and mainstream churches, Obama doesn't know just how wrong he is. Apart from the east coast trade unionists, and college students all across America, Americans don't see the rich and powerful as their enemies. They want to be rich and powerful. And they understand that they aren't going to get that way by murdering and/or castrating rich people. Many of them love the rich and powerful- exactly the opposite of what they are supposed to do.

Poor Obama. Poor Marx.

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