Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Are the Greeks the least self-aware people on the planet?

'Chancellor Angela Merkel urged MPs to back the emergency loan package agreed by European finance ministers at the weekend.

It requires Germany to pay the largest proportion of the loans.

"Quite simply, Europe's future is at stake," she said.

The EU has agreed to provide 80bn euros (£69bn) in funding - of which around 22bn euros would come from Germany - while the rest will come from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).'

Really? Europe's future is at stake? No it isn't. The future of the Euro, and by extension the EU are at stake. The Euro always had feet of clay. Many bankers and economists privately expressed the opinion that should the Eurozone come under significant pressure, the inherent weaknesses would make it quite likely to fail. The small socialist countries (and not so small Spain) would inevitably put pressure on the large capitalist countries to allow them to run with much higher public debt and deficits than the Euro rules allow.

I just watched coverage of the riots in Athens, where three people have been murdered in a bank, by people calling them pigs and thieves. Here is the essence of the situation- Communists who believe that by threat of violence they can force the few remaining capitalists to continue funding their non-productive existences through government salaries and pensions. Of course, because they are idiots, they don't realise that it isn't Greek bankers and capitalists (of which there are vanishingly few) who are funding their cushy jobs, but German ones. German bankers and capitalists who are completely immune from fear of rioting in the streets of Athens.

Indeed, it probably brings to some of their minds Baader-Mienhof and Red Army Faction. One hilarious comment from some Greek pundit said the Germans had to pay because of World War II. Wasn't that seventy years ago? Most working Germans are at the least grandchildren of the Germans of that war. They should pay for the grandchildren of the Greeks of the 1940's why?

Listening to the clapped-out bollocks being passionately spouted by the lefty morons of Greece took me right back to 1979. All the same conspiracy theories, desperately incoherent economics and patent absurdities. It is like listening to the village idiot pontificating on international affairs. The lefty hate-object this time: the IMF. Which is quite funny really. Greece can opt not to take IMF money if it wants. There is no law that says it must.

So, will the responsible adults of Germany and France bail out the petulant, deranged children of Greece? I hope not. They are spoiled brats already, and giving them more allowance is only going to make that worse.

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