Sunday, May 09, 2010

Why you should think long and hard before you let twenty million Mexicans into your country

'About 85 mostly Hispanic students staged a noon protest march through Morgan Hill on Thursday, one day after five students at Live Oak High School were sent home after showing up in clothing with American flags on Cinco de Mayo.

The protesters supported the school's decision, while the parents of the students sent home blasted it and the school district's superintendent called the entire incident "extremely unfortunate."...

"While campus safety is our primary concern and administrators made decisions yesterday in an attempt to ensure campus safety, students should not and will not be disciplined for wearing patriotic clothing," Smith said.

Kathleen Sullivan, a school board trustee, said Live Oak experienced problems on Cinco de Mayo last year. She said some students had complained to the principal and vice principal that they had felt intimidated by students waving American flags.

In response to those complaints, school officials had asked students not to provoke other students by wearing or waving flags this year, Sullivan said.

"The district's position is that that is not in our policy," Sullivan said. "But the underlying reason for it was student safety."'

Let us imagine a time in the future when the United States goes to war with Mexico. Neighbor countries often go to war, much more often than countries who are not neighbors, so it is not beyond the realms of possibility. Who would the Mexican immigrants fight for? How many of them would be a fifth column for the Mexican forces?

As usual, the left sees no danger. They never see danger as long as the situation can be manipulated to help the cause of the left. Which in this case it most decidedly can. Mexican immigrants now vote overwhelmingly Democrat. That is why they don't want a border fence. And why in a fight between patriotic Americans and very unpatriotic immigrants, they will support the latter.

Very dangerous dynamics are being created. But those who create these dynamics will never accept responsibility for it.

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