Thursday, May 06, 2010

Beautiful, just Beautiful

'"I've got it!" he shouted, foaming at the lips with enthusiasm. "Quickly, Holder, what group of deranged conspirators now constitutes the greatest potential threat to the republic?"

"I believe you are alluding to the anarchists of the Tea Party," I said.

"Precisely, Holder!" he shouted, amorously embracing a rubbish bin. "Look at the facts all around -- they square only with one conclusion -- that this was the handiwork of Tory extremists, driven to blind violent rage by His Majesty's Heath Care Reform Act. I would wager my last farthing on it!"

"By Jove, you're right Holmes!" I replied, finally catching on to his brilliant syllogism. "The proverbial dogs who did not bark. It's all right there in the report of Lady Napolitano."

"Lady Napolitano?" Holmes asked, momentarily stunned.'

Remember, folks, only IowaHawk can guaruntee you at least three, often many more, belly-laughs per satire.

Now, if the subjects of these satires were only educated enough to understand them...

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