Sunday, May 09, 2010

No, Virginia, there is no Jack Bauer

'Despite governing a city that had a vast hole blown into it by Islamic terrorists, Mayor Michael Bloomberg could hardly imagine Muslim extremists targeting innocents in the “crossroads of the world.” Not when there are more congenial would-be mass murderers. On CBS News, Bloomberg speculated that the plotter would be “homegrown, or maybe a mentally deranged person, or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health-care bill or something.”

Bloomberg must be watching too many TV shows and movies, where writers always strain to create terrorist threats that have nothing to do with Muslims. But even they haven’t yet come up with a plotline involving terrorists convinced that the individual mandate is unconstitutional and that the Congressional Budget Office score of the health-care bill is too rosy.

Usually, the government is in the position of knocking down irrational conspiracy theories; it has never quite convinced everyone that the Kennedy assassination was the work of a lone gunman. But here is an active global conspiracy, and it’s the government that irrationally wants to see a series of lone gunmen. The Pakistani Taliban must have been frustrated in the initial days after the attempt, when so few in the U.S. government would believe that, yes, it might send someone to bomb Times Square.'

Not only is there no real-life Jack Bauer who, in spite of being shackled by idiot bureacrats and half-wit ACLU lawyers, saves the day; there exists a learning curve gradually reaching genuine threat levels. When the Taliban started using IED's about three years ago, they were pretty hopeless. They are now extremely accomplished. Ask any squaddie who has done a tour in Afghanistan lately. Americas home-grown terrorists are climbing the same learning curve right now.

Apparently, Napolitano and Holder have got everything crossed hoping that something or other will crop up and save the US from successful jihadi terrorism. Nice one, guys! Way to stay on top of the situation. I'm sure their response would be that some people must be sacrificed so that America can hold its head high in the world, and be consistent with its own nicey-nicey no-torture happy-clappy principles. I want Janet Napolitano to say that while looking the mother of some poor kid blown up or minced in some terrorist atrocity in the eye.

This is not a TV show. This is not some fiction where somehow in the 24th episode everything gets resolved nicely, and Jack takes a well-earned vacation. Young, determined men will come along who are technically accomplished, who are utterly dedicated, and then we won't be laughing about silly, inept terrorists any more.

And here is my prediction. The anger and the desire for revenge, stoked up by 9/11, will pour out the next time there is a big successful attack on the U.S. You will NOT want to get in the way of that, let me assure you.

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