Friday, April 14, 2006

How then should we act?

"Laughing rather than hanging around."

Thats the crucified Jesus, they're mocking by the way.

"This is Popetown, where money, power and corruption are the name of the game, and everyoneĆ­s playing. With an all-star cast, Popetown takes you into the side-splittingly surreal world of the Vatican as the long suffering and good-hearted Father Nicholas struggles to walk the narrow path of righteousness, whilst surrounded by money grabbing cardinals and a pogo-stick-riding infantile pope."

Translate this scenario into the Muslim world for a moment... take the defining moment of Mohammeds life, and turn it into crap television. Then show a Madrassah where a bunch of venal, corrupt Imams hang out and that some of them have extreme sexual perversions which go un-remarked by the rest. Then stick a niave lowly Imam in there for comic effect. In how many countries would that TV show get shown?

Not only are extreme double standards in effect now, but the audacity of the 'satirists' has become the biggest joke. It is the audacity of the schoolyard bully, kicking and punching the little boys, but servile and obsequious when the really deadly hardcases come round. I just posted a comment on the Comedy Central public website about the utterly reprehensible censoring of the latest episode of South Park, which (would have) showed Mohammed for a few seconds. YOU CAN'T DO THAT. LISTEN TO ME, PEOPLE. YOU CAN'T DO THAT.

South Park only gets away with being so utterly blasphemous and disgusting because its understood that THERE ARE NO SACRED COWS. If you rubbish and trash and piss and shit on 98% of peoples sacred beliefs and religious shibboleths, thats really NO GOOD. Exempting 2% means you have given them a special dispensation in the world of satire. And thats NO GOOD. We, the 98%, are not going to let you get away with that. Here's why. Because if its not satire, its grotesque and unpardonable insult of things that we hold to be sacred, beautiful and pristine. And then things will get interesting.

I promise.

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