Monday, April 10, 2006

Whingebag Simpson Update

John Simpson has a message to you and the world: Nyah Nyah nee Nyah Nyah, We Told You So.

Its not a sophisticated message. Its not a subtle message. Its not a very important message.

But it does get pride of place on the BBC news website. Stage center.

Essentially, before Saddam was evicted the saudi foreign minister told the old whingebag that invading Iraq would cause trouble, and would upset people. Wow!!! Run that by me again. Thats a worldwide newsflash folks!!!

The only thing about the middle east that is truly predictable is the ranting and posturing of the Arab Street. You remember 'The Mother of All Battles' don't you? Which if you stayed up late enough you could catch all of because it was over so quickly... Remember Comical Ali? Remember every foreign minister of every Arab state telling us how we were bringing about Armageddon times 50? Remember all the Vox Pops of arabs in the streets of everyplace in the middle east predicting awesome and titanic consequences of messing with Iraq?

It turns out that in three years John Simpson has found nothing new to say about the liberation of Iraq. Just mulling over conversations with fat, rich, spoilt Saudi's. The same Saudi's who host the largest and richest groups of Islamists on the planet. Try to remember this John: the Saudi's are NOT OUR FRIENDS. They don't want the experiment in democracy in Iraq to succeed, any more than the dictators in Tehran, Damascus and Cairo want us to succeed. So for just once, try to see the situation from our side, huh?

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