Sunday, April 09, 2006

Its just too too much

I am almost speechless. I say, almost. When was the last time you laughed out loud at a Guardian article?,12271,1163436,00.html

I keep on remembering bits and laughing. I'm sorry.

The Guardian sent reporters to the darkest remote mountains of Afghanistan on the trail of the three young guys who were the youngest taliban/Al Qaeda captured and interned at Guantanamo bay. They have now been released and of course your average lefty is hot for the burning hatred and resentment sure to spill from the mouths of these wronged children. Ooops!

Here are some direct quotes from these young men:

"I am lucky I went there, and now I miss it. Cuba was great."

"Americans are good people, they were always friendly, I don't have anything against them,"

"If my father didn't need me, I would want to live in America."

"Americans are polite and friendly when you speak to them. They are not rude like Afghans. If I could be anywhere, I would be in America. I would like to be a doctor, an engineer _ or an American soldier."

Now you know why I'm laughing. The great Satan? Who he?

And hows this for real actual lefty crow eating? "This might seem to jar with the prevailing opinion of Guantanamo among human rights groups," said the Guardian reporter. Dya think? But this paragraph, quoted in full, is the killer.

"Naqibullah, Asadullah and Mohammed Ismail were moved into one large room, which was never locked. They were taught Pashto (their own language), English, Arabic, maths, science, art and, for two months, Islam. 'The American soldiers ate pork but they said we must never do that because we were Muslim,' said Naqibullah. 'They were very strict about Islam.'

I almost cried I laughed so hard... have you seen the rantings of the anti-war crowd about Gitmo? Have you read their outrageous lies about what goes on there, about the torture and the koran-abuse? One day those liars will feel shame about themselves, shame brought to them by the testimony of people like Asadullah and the people who have been released from Gitmo who are not dedicated liars and committed haters of the west.

One side in this war tells the truth.

(Hat Tip: SondraK and LGF)

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