Saturday, April 15, 2006

The urge to kill yourself (and maybe everybody else)

The power is strong in this one! Whichever scientist (or academic functionary) wrote this, I think we can all guess their political affiliation:

Man appeared roughly 4 million years ago. Then about 4 million years ago a fairly small creature appeared in the valleys of Africa. This little guy was really a little "guy" - a recognizable human ancestor. It walked upright, had a really large brain relative to its body, and ate both meat and plants. Unfortunately, it wasn't very strong, had small teeth and no real claws. Just about anything that found one of these things could eat it if it wanted to. There was just about no way it could survive, except for one thing - it had that big brain. It was apparently smart enough to stay out of the way (most of the time) of all the things that wanted to eat it. And while it was hiding, it figured out how to fight back. This began man's ascendance to the top of the natural world. In fact, many would argue that man is the most prolific killing machine ever to inhabit this planet.

Idiotarians just can't abide people really. You can sense the guys overwhelming urge to add a bit to that last sentence "...most prolific killing machine ever to inhabit the planet, but especially the Conservatives/Republicans/Fanatical Christians." Sneaky, depraved, murderous. The left believes that we are all those things. Their will to self-harm (I think thats the latest psycho-babble terminology) is only exceeded by their will to harm us.


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