Thursday, July 27, 2006

The EU- a tutting superpower

On the right, we have the USA- international economic and military superpower. On the left, we have China, economic powerhouse. And stage centre, we have the EU, tutting superpower. The US may have the money and the weapons, but the EU has cornered the market in tutting, self-righteous posturing, and lecturing the world on how it should behave. The BBC, mouthpiece for British tutters, is full of advice for other countries. A letter to todays Times newspaper puts it perfectly 'Our societies must become exemplary in matters of harmony, morality, justice and decency'. Imagine a society modeled on the nerdlings of a normal wet-as-Wimbledon Church of England vicar, and you've pretty much got it.

Forget about the fact that '...morality, justice and decency' plus fifty cents will get you a cup of coffee. Forget that in the last 15 years millions of perfectly moral, decent, innocent people in Africa have died bloodily at the hands of scabrous wretches. 'All they need is love, man'. No, that is just factually wrong. If you want to protect your harmonious, moral, just, decent society, build great big tanks and ships and missiles, because thats where the immoral, unjust, indecent people who want to take over your country will start. If Britain and America had not had the industrial output and eventually the best military technology 65 years ago, Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito would currently rule the planet. And you may recall that harmony, morality, justice and decency got short shrift under national socialism.

It makes me so angry when Jesus's profound words 'By your fruits ye shall know them' are ignored; and replaced by the injunction 'By their words shall ye judge them'. The Arab world especially is ruled by the lie. Lies are told by everyone to everyone in a chaos of hyperbole, cant, misrepresentation, distortion and bile. And instead of looking at the resulting dreariness and awfulness of the societies created by all the lying, many westerners suck up the lies, ignore the outcomes and start repeating the lies themselves. That is just so terrible. We are strong, and we are good, and the evidence of both of those things is all around us. But those simple truths are disregarded by the febrile critics of the west as if they are nothing.

Only a few of our current crop of politicians seem to understand this, and none except Tony Blair have expounded it in public. We are teetering on the edge of a precipice.

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