Saturday, July 29, 2006

If we talked like the Muslims

We constantly elide from our consciousnesses the lies, insults and gratuitous self-praise of the Muslims. We do this because its politically convenient and because we don't want to cause 'offense' by pointing out that a lie is a lie, an insult is an insult, and self-congratulation is vain and rude.

But lets try a little mind game. Lets translate the 'logic' and 'political opinion' of the muslims into our own terms.

"We must destroy Turkey and throw the Turks into the sea, because they are occupying Christian lands. For hundreds of years, Turkey was part of Christendom, and any lands that are ever Christian must remain so. We will kill anybody we need to kill to make that reality. Anywhere in the world. At any time."

"There is a worldwide muslim conspiracy, supported by eastern governments and their powerful media organisations. The reason Christians don't have good jobs in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq and Iran is because of the powerful but shadowy muslim influence that pervades those societies. The immoral and bestial influence of islam must be fought and destroyed, for the good of the world. God wills it."

"The muslim world is so corrupt, killing them is actually doing the world good. We should blow up their public buildings, murder their politicians and randomly attack their public transport, and behead any muslims who are unfortunate enough to fall into our hands. Oh, and by the way, we are the innocent party in all this! We are only doing this because of Christianaphobia, the international uber-hatred of our religion whipped up by the hated muslims."

"They hate us because we have the true religion. The muslims are people of the beard (thats our pet name for them). They are jealous because we have the one true prophet, Jesus. People of the beard are ok for murdering if you need to. Oh yes, and lying to them is just fine if it promotes the ends of Christianity. We call it Tacky. It may be tacky, but its ok really. All muslims are pigs and dogs. Not sure why, but it makes us Christians sound better. Once we have killed and mutilated enough muslims, the rest will probably want to become Christians to save themselves, which will be great for all concerned, especially God (pbuh)."

See? See how absolutely awful it is to think like these people? Where their moral superiority comes from I'm still struggling to work out.


bg said...


thank you.. :+:

and i hope you don't mind my posting your
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DWMF said...

Well done, Ed. Was this your own idea, or did you get it from my comment on BMEWS, in which I wrote:

"...I would suggest that someone takes a translated hate sermon off MEMRI,turns the argument around to be against Militant Islam, places the two documents side by side, windiff style, and publishes..."

Gimme royalties! Just kidding. ;-)