Sunday, July 16, 2006

Really, please don't bother

There was an Islamic Fun Fest last weekend at Alexandra Palace in North London called Islam Expo. All the great and good of islam in Britain, plus lots of nut jobs from around the world came forth to trumpet the great news about the religion of peace. It was a combined PR blast, love-in, hate-fest and mutual back-slap.

Of course, what with Hezbollah triggering war with Israel from the north, and Hamas triggering war with Israel from the east and south, the PR stuff was a total washout. The thing about propaganda is it must at least be a reasonable facscimile of the truth. With islamists using Lebanon and Gaza as launching pads to attack Israel, how many people round the world still believe in the essentially peaceable nature of muslims? How many people still believe a world run by muslims would be a good deal for non-muslims? How many people want anything to do with the death-cult religion? How many religious people want to have anything to do with a religion that launched the video of the murderous scumbag who bombed Edgware Street station virtually on the anniversary of the bombing?

As propagandists down through the ages could tell you, one thing PR can't do is make black white. It can't change the essential nature of something. All it can do is soft-focus or de-emphasize elements that are particularly gratuitously awful. But muslims in Britain can't bring themselves to even do propaganda properly. They WANT us to know that they wouldn't report terrorist activity to the police; they WANT us know that they are prepared to keep bombing us until we stop our 'Crusades against the poor ickle muslims'.

Sadly, its taken many many people years of acts of savage brutality plus acres of newsprint and airtime with muslims telling us why acts of savage brutality are necessary to realise what the situation is. The situation is this: take on the islamic supremacists and defeat them, or prepare yourself for life under the English Taleban.

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