Thursday, July 13, 2006

Playing with fire

The Crown Prosecution Service and human rights lawyers in this country are playing with fire. If they start prosecuting the men in the front lines of our war on islamist terrorists, they will damage morale; and if they start putting them in jail, don't expect the Police and MI5 to risk their lives on our behalf. Only a country with a deranged set of priorities would prosecute men for a mistake like this- there will be many mistakes in this war- it comes with the territory. Innocent lives are often lost in the struggle to win a war. Societies like ours try desperately not to cause innocent deaths, whereas our enemy have no such policy.

Jean Charles de Menezes death was highly regrettable, and a tragedy for his family. But he was an innocent casualty in a war that will have many more of those before we stamp out islamist fascism. And the stout-hearted men and women going into that fight need our utmost support and assistance as they get stuck into the enemy.

In no way do these intended prosecutions support or assist. The Government must intervene to prevent these prosecutions, or reap the awful consequences.

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