Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cheeky Icelandic bastards

'Where once [British] people were impressed to meet an Icelander (there are not that many of us), now we are greeted with a sorrowful "poor you"....But there's no chance of these compassionate sentiments being returned. To this self-declared peaceful nation it is incomprehensible that the UK government used anti-terrorism laws to freeze the assets of its banks in Britain. They even blame the British for precipitating the downfall of its biggest bank, Kaupthing, by their hasty and draconian actions.'

You have to laugh. A week ago, Icelands banks admitted that they taken the equivalent of nine times Icelands total annual GDP in deposits, and guess what? The money isn't there!!! You have to wonder which bit of this Icelanders don't understand. Er, thats our money in your bank. And its not there. In plain language, thats called stealing. Hating the people you have stolen from is just... weird. Not unusual, it has to be said, but weird nevertheless.

Let me try to explain to Icelanders of average or greater intelligence (that may be an oxymoron)- our government acted to stop you giving what remains of our money to other Icelanders in preference to us. I don't care what the name of the law was they used to do that, but if stopping you from stealing more of our money means invoking terrorism laws, hey I'm on board.

People who do stuff like this remind me that the English lag behind many nations in bald-faced cheek.

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