Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Speaking truth to power #5,743

'Basements targeted'

The Russian prosecutor's office is investigating more than 300 possible cases of civilians killed by the Georgian military.

Some of those may be Ossetian paramilitaries, but Human Rights Watch believes the figure of 300-400 civilians is a "useful starting point".'

Brave, brave BBC! Taking on the mighty Georgia over its human rights abuses. Wow! I respect that sooooooooooooo much.

What were the Human Rights Watch figures for the first Chechen war again? Or the second Chechen war? They've sorta slipped my mind... oh, yeah, they don't seem to have managed to establish any.

But according to Wikipedia:

'In June 2005, Dukvakha Abdurakhmanov, a deputy prime minister in the Kremlin-controlled Chechen administration, said about 300,000 people have been killed during two wars in Chechnya over the past decade; he also said that more than 200,000 people have gone missing. Every resident of Chechnya has scores of relatives who have been killed or gone missing, he said.[30]'

So maybe half a million dead/missing? According to a guy working for the Russians? Where were Human Rights Watch and the BBC? In Chechnya, there was absolutely no question the Russians were the aggressors. After all, its called Chechnya not Russia. And yet the BBC are willing to take the word of the murderous Russian regime that the Georgians, whom the Russians hate and revile because the latter have the temerity to be independent, are actually the murderers of innocents? Honestly, I am very close to giving up on the BBC altogether.

Putin used the Second Chechen war to take powers in Russia he has never relinquished. His despotic and criminal rule was directly enable by it. It is highly probable that the apartment block explosions that were used as the pretext for launching the Second Chechen war were the work of the FSB. Certainly many Russians, even supporters of Putin, believe it to be so. Putin has never shied away from murder to progress his career, especially if he believes the fortunes of Greater Russia will be enhanced. Half a million murders is simply the price that had to be paid to enable his dictatorship.

Its so nice of the BBC to wipe the slate clean for Russia, and get on the Georgian case with such alacrity. Pathetic ass-wipes. I swear, there's not a pair of gonads in the whole organisation.

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