Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You know you're a bunch of losers when...

...You start analysing why you lost before you've even had the election.

I suddenly have a feeling that many of the people populating the right are not my spiritual kin in any wise.

Consider this stellar example:

'The listing McCain campaign has descended into a bout of pre-criminations that is delightful fodder for political reporters. Who can deny that some cretinous McCain aide calling Sarah Palin “a diva” makes good copy?

John McCain still has a chance to win, so it’d be more sensible to delay the “who lost 2008?” debate until after Nov. 4. But since it’s already in full flower, let’s consider a chief culprit in the campaign’s current low state — the candidate.'

Since its already in full flower, I'll join in? Are you serious? How about shutting the hell up and getting on with the real business at hand?

Sometimes the hail mary comes off, sometimes the unfavoured horse cuts up the inside and pips the class acts at the post, sometimes the Buster Douglas will ko the Mike Tyson; but there are usually bits of evidence which the really talented observer could have picked up on before the event which predicted the less likely outcome. I don't see the evidence that the midgets running the McCain campaign, and the wizened stultified grandees and punditry of the Rupublican upper echelons have any of the traits which militate towards an unlikely upset. They've got no fighting spirit, they've got no real emotional underpinning to their conservatism, and they don't know the intellectual basis for their political creed.

I've been watching some NFL football recently, and it brought sharply into focus where the real stuffing of America is; certainly not in its chinless wonder professional politician class. It resides in the normal, average guy, the people who do the heavy lifting, take the risks, get stuck into the messy, unpleasant jobs and succeed. If my reading of the polls and surveys is right, those people are completely fed up with their political class- the Republicans even more than the Dems but its a close run thing.

And why would you blame them? Having a wake for a political campaign before the election is held is almost surreally stupid and self-defeating. Who wants to be led by people who'd do that?

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